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Casting: Joshua Monten - Bern, Switzerland

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Joshua Monten is urgently looking for one male contemporary dancer to join a dance production beginning in January 2017. The dancer should be inventive, theatrically gifted and energetic, with a strong sense of musicality and a minimum of two years full-time performing experience. The dancer is needed for the upcoming production “Concert dans le goût théâtral” which will feature live baroque music. A central inspiration for this production is the Commedia dell’Arte. In fact part of the rehearsal process will feature workshops with a Commedia dell’Arte teacher.

Where: Bern, Switzerland

When: private audition, by appointment, between 9 and 29 January 2017

Deadline for applications: 20 January 2017

Full-time, paid rehearsals and performances will take place mainly in Bern during the following time periods:
—12 January – 10 February 2017
—20 March – 7 April 2017
—22–26 May 2017
—5-21 June 2017
—9-12 October 2017

How to apply
If interested, please send resume, photos and video links to Materials may be submitted in English, German or French. Please state very specifically if there are any periods when you would not be able join the rehearsals/performances.

Contact details
For further information please visit:

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