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Casting: Rosie Kay Dance Company - Birmingham, Reino Unido

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Rosie Kay Dance Company are looking for:

One Female Performer – we are looking for one exceptional performer to join the cast of 5 SOLDIERS. This female dancer needs to be convincing as a British soldier, strong and very fit, robust.
Audition – Wednesday 15th January, DanceXchange Studios, Birmingham, 11am-3pm.

Young Male Performers aged between 18 and 22 – we are looking for young male performers with strength and fitness to join the new production of 5 SOLDIERS with great enthusiasm, fitness and strength but we understand, not necessarily a lot of experience.
Audition – Thursday 15th January, DanceXchange Studios, Birmingham, 11am-3pm.

Older Male Performers Aged 28-43 years- we are looking for 1 exceptional male performer who can portray an older officer or sergeant in the British Army. You must be both an incredibly strong, robust and fit dancer, but also convincing as a member of the British Army.
Audition – Friday 16th January, DanceXchange Studios, Birmingham, 11am-3pm. If selected from this audition you must be able to attend the FINAL CALL on 18th January at The Place, London, 10am—6pm.

To apply, send CV and Head shot; short link of 1 minute of you dancing; the details of someone that can recommend you to Rosie Kay (Artistic Director)

DEADLINE for applications: 8th January 6pm.
See for more details of the work and the tour.

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