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OpenCall: Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform - Londres, Reino Unido

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Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform shares contemporary dance works by emerging artists.

We’ve created Kaleidoscopic to bring audiences and artists closer together by using an unconventional performance space that removes the traditional hierarchy between performers and the audience and by inviting frank post-performance discussion between audience, choreographers and performers.

Deadline for application: 7.1.2015

Where: London, UK

When: early March 2014
We want to give early stage performance artists the opportunity to share their works.

After our successful first platform at 47/49 Tanner Street on 13th November, we are now planning the next platform for early March. We are looking for all kinds of contemporary dance and dance films. We are looking for works that are exciting, challenging and engaging and for creators who want to engage with their audience.

To apply please email us:

- A description of your idea including any footage you may have (photos, videos – can be of previous work). If you haven’t got any footage to support your application, be as creative as you like in convincing us that your work should be presented! We’re happy to meet up and discuss how we can make the process as supportive and interesting as possible for us both

- A short statement about what you hope to get out of working with Kaleidoscopic, writing about what you hope to get out of sharing your work and the Q&A and post-performance feedback.
In addition to the opportunity to share your work and to receive invaluable feedback, we offer professional video and photography of your work.

Please email us at

Deadline for submissions: 7.1.2015

For further information please visit:

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