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OpenCall: La Becquée Dance Festival - Brest, Guilers, Guipavas e Plougonvelin (França)

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The European Festival of Contemporary Dance La Becquée will take place in Brest, Guilers, Guipavas and Plougonvelin. This festival, focused on contemporary dance, is opened to all European dancers without limitation.

Deadline for applications: 31st December 2014 (All documents must be sent by post.)

When: 02nd to 11th October 2015 (to be confirmed)


Minimal remuneration ensured
Travel expenses defrayed
Accommodation and meals provided
Simple technical conditions
Possibility of residencies
Ship folder and videos with the conditions mentioned
Caution : performances for young audiences cannot be taken into account.
How to apply

Only applications received by post will be processed
If you already sent us a file in the previous years, do not hesitate to reiterate your request.
Downloadable file : Application file

For further information please visit:

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