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OpenCall: Residence of Boavista - Torres Vedras

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Open Call to artistic Residences for the years 2014/2015

The Residence of Boavista e opening their doors for the season 2014/2015, for artistic residences

where: Torres Vedras, Portugal

when: 2014/2015

The residence program is intended for artists in the performing arts area and provides stays with a maximum duration of one month. The Residence of the Boavista offers studio and housing (having a capacity of 10 people per project), as well as all the necessary logistical support for the good development of the accepted project. The application for the residence may be made at any time of the year and should include a brief description of the proposed work and possible dates for its achievement.
All the work carried out by the Residence of the Boavista relies on the interaction with the local community, for this reason the process of welcoming creations/residences should also, at some point, contribute to make this collaboration happen. The Residence offers to create conditions for a presentation of the final result, presenting it on its own space or in another to be agreed, depending on the context of the work developed.

The Ilú - Association of Dance Theatre of Urban Intervention does not enjoy direct financial support, but is available to share the effort of application to financial support. Thus, any potential entrant, if interested in the request for support for the production, movement and stay in other institutions, can count with our collaboration. The association ilú provides a supporting document through which the interested parties may request to other institutions the support wanted.
The scheduling of the Residence of the Boavista provides for the reception of three residences per year.

Program of Artistic Residences offers:

• Studio, room, kitchen, toilet and open area.
• Opportunity to meet other artists.

The costs depend on the number of people involved in the project.
Eventually breakfast can be arranged at an additional cost.

For more information please send e-mail to

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