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Casting: ChoreoNova - Pittsburgh, Estados Unidos da América

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ChoreoNova (TM) is looking for passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic professional-level contemporary dancers, female and male.

All body types welcome!

Stipend for all rehearsal time

Deadline for application: 10/11

Where: The Dance Conservatory of Pittsburgh, U.S.

When: Thursday, 10/9, 11:30am-3pm

ChoreoNova (TM) is dedicated to using contemporary dance works and programs to inspire resilience. The company performs regionally and produces innovative multidisciplinary and traditional works that make people feel.

We currently have two pieces with three parts we are looking to fill. The first is “BFF”, a work about the lifelong friendship between two women. That work requires mainly Horton technique. The second is “Ode to Chocolate Cake” and involves a performer dancing with a projected, animated chocolate cake. Whoever does that part needs great acting skill and will get to be motion-captured. The part includes tango, paso doble’, Russian character, and some modern, jazz, and ballet.

Please bring: nude foot thongs or be prepared to dance barefoot, socks, ballet slippers, jazz shoes

Expect: Modern, ballet, jazz, and partnering

To apply please send resume’ and headshot ahead to: Davida Rae, Artistic Director

(412) 452-3956 cell.

Any interested parties are welcome to contact me with any questions. If anyone would like to audition, but cannot make the scheduled time, we can make alternate arrangements.

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