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Casting: Cirque Du Soleil - Las Vegas, USA

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The Casting Team of Cirque du Soleil is looking for a female contemporary dancer to play the role of Little Darling on the show Love in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
The Role:
Not only the guitar weeps, so does a sad young woman whose graceful dance belies her loneliness in this soulful interpretation of the George Harrison classic. Two oversized paper puppets sway overhead, containing the countless letters written (or received) over the course of her unrequited love life. What a stark reminder that life does not always unfold like a sweet dream. There is also disillusion, injustice, and incomprehension.
Technical Description:
Little Darling’s role requires a raw, contemporary performance that flows between technique and pedestrian movements. The dancer should have beautiful lines and a solid technical base allowing for freedom in the upper body, neck, and head movements as well as flexibility in the legs and back.
The candidate must have the following character’s traits:
Ideally 5’10 or taller;
Emotionally vulnerable character.
Requirements for the role:
Must be able to portray the character`s traits;
Strong stage presence;
Contemporary dancer with some Hip Hop ability;
Experience as a soloist is an asset.
Candidates that meet the requirements above must apply online (click on the link at the bottom of the text description) and submit:
A resume ( ideally including Height, weight, date of birth, complete contact information, years and locations of trainings, and years and locations of professional experience);
One headshot and one full-body shot;
A 1 minute presentation to the camera (tell us your name, age, your background and why you want to work for Cirque du Soleil)
A 2-3 minutes video submission including the following elements: Must include:
A lyrical, contemporary solo showing both lines and pedestrian movement;
A youthful and fresh Hip Hop improvisation.
It may be a stage performance or filmed in a studio, as long as we can see you clearly and at least one close up where we can clearly see your face.
Submission deadline: immediate.
Important information:
All complete applications (résumé/CV, photos and video demo) will be evaluated by a talent scout from the Casting team. Only selected candidates will be contacted in order to complete their application in view of potential employment;
Duration of contract: 1 year with option to renew.
Terms and Conditions of applying online:
The profile information of candidates will be used by Cirque du Soleil and its related partners;
The material submitted by candidates will not be returned to candidates;
The material of candidates who are not selected may be destroyed by Casting and will not be returned to candidates;
By applying online, candidates who submit their material via a video demo link agree that Casting will extract their material from these links if needed to add the material to the candidate’s profile;
Applications may be considered for one or more roles in all our shows in performance and in creation.
Questions? Comments? Send an email to:
We can’t wait to discover your talent! Thank you for your interest in Cirque du Soleil.

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