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OpenCall: Athens Video Dance - Atenas, Grécia

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We are interested in short videodance works of any gender and filming technique, medium & feature-length dance films and dance documentaries. Apart from the screenings, we are also interested in any kind of installation, which develop a dialogue between motion, body, space, time & new media, and in multidisciplinary dance performances, whose main objective is the application of interactive technologies & video-design in moving ideas.
AVDP 2015 will take place in AFAS in collaboration with the Athens Fine Art School.

Deadline for application: October 15th

Where: Athens, Greece

When: 21st – 25th, January 2015

ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT is an annual videodance festival that takes place in Athens, Greece. Organized since 2010, it attracts short videodance works of any genre, feature-length dance films and documentaries, dance photo projections, dance performances and installations, while it also provides a place for any hybrid, interactive, technological project whose main objective is to develop an artistic dialogue between dance and different art forms.
AVDP is an attempt to bring to the fore the art of videodance in Greece in order not only to educate the local audience, but also to create artistic fermentations among students and professionals in the community of dancers, filmmakers, musicians, directors and set designers. Its goal is to strengthen the network between artists from various fields, who are interested in the art form of videodance and the development of collaborative projects between them, in order also to promote the contemporary videodance creations of professional artists.

For the above reasons, there are two programs which illustrate this idea: and AVDP on TouR. Regarding to, dance/videodance educational workshops and lectures are organised for students and professional artists in Greece and abroad. While, every year, after the festival is finished AVDP on TouR starts by touring a special edition of videodance works in local and international dance & video dance festivals. Since 2013, AVDP also started collaborating internationally with other videodance festivals such as Loikka (Helsinki) and Cinedans (Amsterdam).
In the context of development the local and interstate relations, AVDP has developed partnerships with the Theater of Athens Fine Art School, the Ministry of Culture (auspices), Greek State School of Dance, GOETHE Institute-Athen, Institute Francais Athenes, Spanish Institute, ARTHAUSE-MUSIC productions (Germany), KeyFilm productions (Netherlands), CineDoc, Danaos Cinema, ERT (TV channel), i Square, Dance Festival of the Greek Choreographers, one small step-urban dance festival of Corfu, Hydra Dance Festival, Akropoditi Dance Center/Syros, Dance Days/Chania & Naxos.

For submissions, please visit our website and complete the application form:

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