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Casting: Dance's Start Up - Bolonha e Milão, Itália

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Auditions for DANCE’S START UP professional training course are now announced. Artistic Director Brigel Gojka, choreographer, visual artist and dancer of The Forsythe Company

Next Audition Bologna – Sunday 06 July 2014 at 11.00am at Leggere Strutture Art Factory, street Ferrarese 169/A, Bologna Italy

Next Audition Roma – Sunday 13 July 2014 at 14.00 at I.A.L.S, street Cesare Fracassini n 60, Roma Italy.

DANCE’S START UP is a professional training course with the possibility of being insert in remunerated productions and shows in different dance sectors, thanks to an intensive and targeted program that examines different guidelines of artistic creation and technical training. The course, lasting eight months for a total of 960 hours of training (October – May), provides daily lessons of classical and contemporary dance technique, workshops| stages| seminaries that will take place monthly with the participation of national and international choreographers, thanks to whom it will be possible to learn and know more about contemporary dance styles and techniques. Tuitions with professionals are also included, about the following subjects: Theatre and Direction about self entrepreneurship and cultural planning, music workshops. Every participant will confront himself with a technical and compositive route through Laboratories of Choreographic – Theatrical composition, studying improvisational and creative composition techniques of dancing and acting mixed with dance. The course provides also the participation in shows and productions by Leggere Strutture, to learn how to get practical on stage, according to the motto“learning by doing”, and being remunerated for every presence on stage. Participants will be followed and informed monthly about working opportunities and auditions; it is the final goal of our Dance’s Start Up project the training of female and male dancers to introduce into dance companies, national and international

Where: Italy

When: 06 July (Bologna) and 13 July (Roma)

How to apply:
Send your cv and photo to

For more information please visit or e-mail at

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