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Casting: The Scottsboro Boys - Londres, Reino Unido

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A Spotlight breakdown for all available roles has gone out to agents. If you have an agent and feel you are suitable for a particular role, please ask them to contact us. Anyone without an agent who feels they are suited for the show and a particular role, please read the details below carefully.

Audition and Production Details

Auditions in London from 27th May 2014
Finals in London with Susan Stroman Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th June 2014
Rehearsals in London from 1st September 2014
1st Preview at Garrick Theatre Saturday 4th October 2014
Press Night Monday 20th October 2014

Contract length One year from start of rehearsals, exact dates tbc

Creative Team
Music and Lyrics John Kander and Fred Ebb
Book David Thompson
Direction and Choreography Susan Stroman
Musical Director Phil Cornwell
Producer Catherine Schreiber, Paula Marie Black, Young Vic
UK General Manager Fiery Angel Partners
Associate Director and Choreographer Nigel West
Assistant Choreographer Richard Pitt
UK Casting Director Jill Green CDG

Casting Breakdown

Below are available roles. Please note-all other roles have been cast.
If you do not have an agent and would like to be considered for one of the roles below, please send a CV, photo and links to any dance and/or vocal clips to with "THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS-Role Name" in the subject bar.

Playing age: 18-25.
Height: 5'5-6'.
Ethnicity: African American.
Reads as early 20s. Likes to exaggerate. The liar. Always acting bigger than he really is. He also plays Victoria Price, the white girl who sticks to her story. Mean, tough, tries to play the Southern flower but can't. Funny. (sings comedy duet with Ruby Bates).
High tenor, bottom C to high C. Dances well.

Playing age: 18-25.
Height: 5'5-5'11.
Ethnicity: African American.
Reads as early 20s. Likeable. Curious. Always going a little further than he should. Likes to show off. He knows how to read. He also plays Cousin Billy.
High tenor, bottom C to top Ab. Excellent tap required.

Playing age: 18-25.
Height: 5'9-5'11.
Ethnicity: African American.
Reads as early 20s. The bully. Ornery. Starts fights. Belligerent. Determined to stand up for himself. Ultimately, when he gets the chance, he doesn't. Also plays the Preacher, the fire and brimstone prison minister who is just a little too anxious to please the white jailers. Funny.
Bass/baritone, bottom Db to top G. Must dance well.

Playing age: 13/14 (actor must be 18 or over)
Height: 5'-5'8.
Ethnicity: African American.
High tenor. Excellent tap required. The youngest of them all. Na•ve. The baby. Constantly has bad dreams. Tries to act tough, but is still a kid. Doesn't understand what is happening. He also plays Young George.

Playing age: 18-25.
Height: 5'5-5'11.
Ethnicity: African American.
To cover several roles, playing age late teens to early 20s. Strong actor. High tenor to top C. Must dance well with excellent tap.
Playing age: 60s.
Height: 5'10-6'1.
Ethnicity: White.
To cover the Interlocutor, being played by original UK cast member Julian Glover.
A tall gentleman from the American South, kindly, who oversees the Minstrel Show. Loves to recall the good old days that never really were.
Baritone, bottom C to top C.

Playing age: Late 30s / 40s.
Height: 5'4-5'8.
Ethnicity: African-American.
To cover 'The Lady', being played by original UK cast member Dawn Hope.
No singing required. Rosa Parks. Southern seamstress. Working class. She is smart, clear-headed, compassionate and brings a sense of humanity to the story. Poised and slight.
Moves quite well.

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