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OpenCall: PERMUTAZIONI - Luft, Itália

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“PERMUTAZIONI” will take place at LUFT Casa Creativa, a space dedicated to creative and productive activities in the context of contemporary performing arts, directed by Zerogrammi. The project aims to promote and support the artistic research in the view of new choreographic productions, giving visibility, providing exchange of ideas, analysis and support on the production of live performances.
The distinctive feature of “PERMUTAZIONI” consists of an Exchange Agreement, a barter activity that each artist will subscribe when joining the project. The artists will be part of a process of barter that will lead them to exchange ideas and skills in seminar, training and performing activities, starting from the techniques and subjects addressed by their personal creative projects.

It is open to companies, community groups and individual adult artists, who have been working at least for two years in the context of dance. The selected candidates (from 3 to 5) will take part in the residence activities specified in the Project “PERMUTAZIONI”.

Deadline for application: 24th May 2014

Where: Luft, Italy

When: The projects will be presented from 5 to 8 February 2015

Throughout the period of residence the selected groups/artists will benefit from free accommodation, travel expenses, and free meals for up to 4.

Contact details:
For further guidelines and to download the application form please visit:

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