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OpenCall: Moving Dance Foward - Manchester, Reino Unido

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Moving Dance Forward Associate Scheme – Application Form

Moving Dance Forward Associates

A pilot North West Associate Dance Artist scheme for 2014-15

Dance Manchester and MDI are working together to strengthen artist development and dance production in the North West of England. In this context we are delighted to be launching Moving Dance Forward Associates, a pilot North West Associate Dance Artist scheme for 2014-15.


In this context we are bringing together other regional partners who are equally interested in supporting the development of artists to offer a package of support and opportunities across the year.

The other partner organisations currently include:

The Lowry, Salford

University of Salford

Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Z-Arts, Manchester

And other partners may come on board as the project gains momentum. Some examples of offers from partners are included in the application form attached.

The Successful Artist(s)

In respect of this pilot scheme we are looking for dance artists/companies resident in the North West of England who can meet the following core criteria

To apply you must be an artist that

Resident in the North West of England (permanent address in the region)
Have evidence of 3 years work as a professional dance artist/choreographer
Have experience in choreographing on a group
Have created some professional performance work within or out of the region
Not currently be in receipt of National Portfolio Funding from Arts Council England
This is primarily about supporting the development of artists who want to make and present professional performance work
We anticipate supporting between 2-4 individual artists or companies through Moving Dance Forward during 2014-15. This model may mean that one artist may access support from all partners within the project across the year, or that a number of different artists are engaged and offered support by different partners within the project. It is anticipated that the minimum any one selected artist/company may receive as part of this would be £4000 towards their development.

Key themes/areas of work that partners have expressed an interest in that the artist may want to consider as part of their application/pitch are listed below. (Although the artist is not obliged to limit themselves to these areas)

Sited/Outdoor/Work for alternate spaces
Work for children & families
Interdisciplinary dance – which might include dance fusions, digital dance and/or dance dealing with the integration of other art forms.
The partners will all be involved in assessing applications and producing a shortlist of artists.

Shortlisted artists will be invited to give a pitch about their work and how they see themselves developing if they were to gain support as part of Moving Dance Forward during 2014-15.

Application Deadline 23rd April 2014

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