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Casting: Random Collision Dancers Needed - Groningen, Holanda

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Random Collision is looking for dancers. The audition applies only to Dutch based dancers. The project is a collaboration of Random Collision with an interdisciplinary team of scientists of the University of Groningen. It will be created by three different choreographers.

Necessary availability:

- Workshop day with the artistic team on May 11th, in Groningen

- Creation process and performances 28th July – 25th August 2014
(Creation & performances will be in Groningen)

- Possible performances in Oct-Nov 2014 (dates will be confirm)

Deadline for application:20/04/14

Where: Groningen, The Netherlands

When: August 2014

How to apply:
The audition will be held only by a video link
Please send us your CV + a video link of you moving,

Contact details:

For further information please visit:

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