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Casting: Notice Baltic Dance Theatre - Polónia

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Baltic Dance Theatre is looking for professional male dancers between the age of 18 and 28, who are interested in joining BDT company. Audition will be held in Gdańsk, Poland on 2014, March 24.

Baltic Dance Theatre reserves the right to send an invitation to participate in the program only to artists, selected on the basis of submitted applications.

Program of audition:
- learning of choreography selected by BDT`s director;
- presentation of 2-3 minutes of own solo choreography.

Deadline for application: 2014 March, 18

Where: Baltic Dance Theatre, Poland

When: 2014, March 24

How to apply:
All applicants shall send an email with cv and photos (portrait and in motion) to:
Aleksandra Witkowska

For more information about Baltic Dance Theatre please visit company`s website

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