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Casting:Kintsukuroi - Holanda

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We are looking for
- a male dancer aged 20 – 23 years
- a male dancer aged 40 – 45 years
Both should be professionally trained (modern and/or classical) and have theatrical experience. We are particularly seeking dancers with creative ability, who are good at co-operating and team-playing.

Kintsukuroi is a dance opera inspired by horrifying footages of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. The story is about the relationship between temporal, fragile, loving mankind and the billion-year-old planet on which they live. Kintsukuroi portrays the life of a seismologist. When the love of his life is engulfed in the disaster he refuses to accept that she will be gone forever. He seeks her heartbeat in the earth’s tremors. The story is brought to life by three dancers of considerable age difference. All three of them personify the main character in three stages of his life.
The production is choreographed by Adriaan Luteijn, in co-operation with Spinvis and Saartje Van Camp, the producers of the performance. Celebrated dancers Francis Sinceretti (ex-National Ballet) and Karin Lambrechtse (ex-Introdans) have already been taken on. Spinvis is now looking for two professional dancers to complete the cast.
On the website are pictures of Francis Sinceretti at both ages. We would prefer finding dancers resembling the elderly dancer both in terms of posture and emanation.

Deadline for application: 17-3-2014

Where: Kintsukuroi will be performed at the Oerol Festival on the Isle of Terschelling in June 2014, with two daily performances on site. In the autumn a reprise will be organised in different theatres in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The dancers should be available for rehearsals – from 7th up to 12th April 2014 - from 21st April up to 10th May 2014. For staging and performances at Oerol – from 26th May up to 22nd June 2014.

How to apply:
An audition for both parts will be held in Arnhem on Saturday 22nd March from 11 am to 15 pm.

Course of the audition
- a short solo dance/personal piece of work
- a workshop with Adriaan Luteijn and Erik de Jong, Spinvis.

If you are interested in this project please send your CV along with a recent photograph to
A first selection will take place on the basis of CVs. A personal invitation to the audition will follow shortly afterwards.

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