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OpenCall: The Wall - Berlim (Alemanha), Jerusalem (Israel), New York (USA), Nicosia (Grécia), Budapeste (Hungria)

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2014 coincides with the 10th birthday of LUCKY TRIMMER and the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. To immortalise this conjuncture, LUCKY TRIMMER will curate a special program entitled “The Wall”.

After premiering in Berlin, “The Wall” will hit the road and tour countries with strong connections to dividing fences or that have experienced the repercussions of the fall of the Iron Curtain. We are delighted to announce that the Hungarian L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility has joined the ranks of co-producers of the event (Machol Shalem Dance House, Egomio cultural center) adding Budapest as a venue on our touring map (Berlin, New York, Jerusalem, Nicosia and Budapest). We are still seeking for short pieces to be presented within the program so get your poop in the group and apply now!

Our special program will focus on the existence of walls, real or imaginary, old and new as well as addressing the political, ideological, emotional, cultural consequences of dividing fences. The short, original and innovative pieces should address such topics in a creative frame. We are particularly interested in witnessing how artists can inject personal experiences and translate ideas on subjects such as separation, belonging, identity or integration into an artistic proposal. How can we sensorially, physically, emotionally and intellectually experience “The Wall”?

Certain aspects that we would like to address are: The individual and global impact of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the still existing differences between East and West Germany, the European blockade against refugees, the ideological wall between North and South Korea, the Green Line in Nicosia, the effects of walls and settlement projects in Israel and Palestine, among others.

LUCKY TRIMMER wishes with “The Wall” to offer new ways of approaching and understanding complex situations while promoting more tolerance and acceptance in dealing with controversial issues in our globalized society.

Deadline for application: 01.05.2014

Where: Berlin, Jerusalem, New York, Nicosia, Budapest

When: November 2014

Submit your Application Form and Video online at:
We only accept pieces that are 10 min. maximum

500 € per piece guaranteed for the Berlin shows Further touring support (fees, travel, accommodation, per diem) upon granting of funding

Contact details:

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