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Casting: The Dance Co. GHT / wee dance company - Görlitz, Alemanha

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The Dance Co. GHT / wee dance company has two free positions for MALE dancers from January until July 2014, with the possibility of a following contract. We’ll hold personal try-outs in Görlitz starting immediately. We also might announce dates for public auditions in Görlitz.

Before you apply, please read the following information to be certain you have good reason to believe that our work might be of interest to you:

• Please read about our work at: &

• Trailers of our work can be found here:,,,

• Our work is contemporary in style. Please note that our dance company is NOT a classical ballet company. We do not base our technique and aesthetics on ballet and rarely conduct ballet training. If your orientation or inclination is towards classical, modern or contemporary ballet, or if taking classical training regularly is important to you, then you are likely to be incompatible with our work.

• Our central artistic medium is choreographed dance (as opposed to acting theatre or the disciplines of performance, installation, action, happening, fluxus, interaction, concept, improvisation or similar verbal or non verbal performing methods).

• We require an acute musicality, a good sense of rhythm and the ability to dance to counts, a strong contemporary floor technique, a strong contemporary partnering technique.

• The salary is 1,650–€ brutto / month, the first contract is until mid July 2014. We work 7 hours a day, about 6 days a week. Morning class is obligatory and, when possible, is conducted daily.

• In addition to dance productions, our company is obligated to participate in some of the GHT’s opera, musical & spoken theatre productions. The work in these productions is at least as much as in dance productions and is taken just as seriously.

Where: Gerhart Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau, Demianiplatz 2, DE-02826 Görlitz

When: Starting January 2014

How to apply:
Please submit your information to:

Contact details:
Gerhart Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau, Demianiplatz 2, DE-02826 Görlitz

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