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Casting: Carte Blanche - Bergen, Noruega

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Carte Blanche Audition for 2014/15 Season
Deadline for applications: 6 January 2014.
When: 1-2 February 2014
Where: Carte Blanche’s home studio Bergen, in Nøstegaten 119
To apply
We have now a new online electronic application form.
NB! ALL applicants must fill out this online form, even if you previously have sent us your application via e-mail.
So glue the url below into your browser, and you are one step closer to coming to Carte Blanche; 
Please start here:
Then follow the instructions you will receive in the e-mail you register with.
Applications that are not registered online, will not be taken into consideration.
Further details on the audition, practicalities, free positions etc. will be given in January.
General questions on the audition – but NO application – may be sent to this address:

For further information please visit:

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