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Casting: Rivers of Europe RIVE - Budapeste, Warszawa e Colónia

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We invite professional dancers to take part in a contemporary dance workshop-audition with Jivko Jeliazkov – choreographer and artistic director of Derida Dance (Bulgaria) for the international project Rivers of Europe RIVE.
Deadline for application: 16th November 2013
Place: The Central European Dance Theatre (KET), Budapest
Date: 23-24 November 2013 (5h per day)
Place: Centrum w Ruchu, ul. Żegańska 1a, Warszawa – Wawer
Date: 26-27 November 2013 (5h per day)
Place: IP Tanz, Cologne
Date: 30 November- 1 December (5h per day)
Accommodation, travel and food during the workshop-audition are not covered. Coffee breaks and drinks will be provided.
The Workshop consists of two parts.
The warm-up part will prepare the body physically and mentally for the intensive part of the workshop. These are followed by strength and coordination exercises which help to develop full control of body balance and movement.
In the second part we will work on creating a movement, which accumulates energy and power. We will focus on the development of connection between the individual perception of an imaginary situation and the body reaction to it through the movement. Additionally, we will work on a technique requiring isolation of certain body parts and their activation in various sequence and dynamics. We will use gravity as a base for creating movement.
About the Project
Four dancers will be involved in the Rivers of Europe (RIVE) from all participant countries to research and develop artistic concepts and techniques under the ideas: “Rivers – connecting cultures” and “water as artistic element”. During these workshops we will choose people who will be participating in further events of the RIVE project i.a. workshops for artists in Sofia, Novi Sad and the vessel trip from Regensburg to Ruse with stops in 30 cities, making 44 performance days, reaching eight different countries. The project also involves audience from both sides of the river Danube, from different countries, thus having a multicultural audience. For more information visit here.
The project is financed by the Culture Programme of the European Commission.
Requirements: Participation in the workshop will be approved in advance by the choreographer.
To apply please send in a professional CV (please, provide links to any video publications over the internet and what is your fixed schedule along the year 2014) at:
Only professional dancers may apply – previous experience in professional dance projects required. The working language during the workshop will be English.
Costs: Free
Contact details:
Please send the applications to Jeni Petrova (Operations manager of DDC) at: .
Phone: +359-876-950008
For further information about the project please visit:

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