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Casting: Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg - Heidelberg, Alemanha

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Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg


Nanine Linning is looking for strong technical male and female dancers for her company for the seasons 2014-2016 in Heidelberg, Germany. Contracts are available as of September 1st, 2014.

The dance company will produce 3 large productions per year and continues to tour existing productions internationally, presenting around 50 performances per season.


11 (+12 Recall) January 2014

17 (+18 Recall) January 2014

In the productions of Nanine Linning, dance seamlessly merges with design, video, music and visual arts. Her work is strongly multidisciplinary, intensely physical and theatrical experiences.

Nanine Linning is looking for experienced dancers whom feel deeply connected with her work and her approach to dance. Dancers in her company must be very energetic, explosive, virtuosic and fast in learning. Dancers must be creative and passionate people who know how to excel their personality through dance material, who bring their skills to the creation process as co-creators, who are able to take risks and will take their own responsibility to reach and maintain the work at the highest level.

For an impression of the company:

Applications for our audition can be found on:

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