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Casting: Cecilia Moisio - Amesterdão, Holanda

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Finnish choreographer Cecilia Moisio is looking for two performers (1male, 1 female) for her new evening length piece L.O.V.E. premiering on the 9th of October 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working periods: January- March and July- October 2014 in Amsterdam.

The performers should have excellent moving skills, be able to work with text and singing. You should be a strong, independent and experienced performer with an ability to express different emotions and even humor. Good spoken English is a must.

Cecilia’s works give a comment on our social and behavioral patterns, combining different theatre forms simultaneously to make a layered performance. She wants to discus problems of our times through themes of prejudice, wanting to be accepted, the need to be loved and loneliness.

Deadline for application: 8 December 2013

Where: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 203-205, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: 14 and 15 December 2013

In L.O.V.E. she will comment our need for love and happiness and if we can find ‘true’ happiness through behavior dictated by the media and society. What does real happiness look like? Can the clichés of love and happiness really lead to feeling these emotions?

In L.O.V.E. the ‘love song’ will take a central place and you are asked to give a sample of your singing skills at the audition. You don’t have to be a trained singer – you just have to be able to bring a song in your own, honest way.

How to apply:
By invitation only. More information will follow.
Send your recent CV and photo (and link) to:

Contact details:

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