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OpenCall: International Experimental Videodance Contest - Logroño, Espanha

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Choreographers and/or producers are invited to participate in the 2nd International Experimental Videodance Contest of La Rioja, Fiver 2014, within the contemporary vanguard Festival “Actual 2014” in Logroño, Spain.
Deadline for application:08/12/2013The organizers present these compulsory rules:
•Participants must be of legal age.

•Only one submission per creator will be accepted.

•In order to be admitted into competition, videos must have dance content; recordings of shows, trailers, teasers, etc. will not be accepted. The content must be originally created for videodance.

•If needed, adding Spanish subtitles is advised.

•Creators grant Fiver the rights to use the footage of their selected works, as long as it is used with non-profit ends.

•Reception of videodance works is open from October 20 until December 8, 2013

•Filling the submission form is mandatory.

•Submitted material will be sent through “Google Drive”;

artists will store their work in a folder and add an invitation for the organizers to download it in the submission form.

•Video quality will be 1920×1080 full HD-H264

All the participating videos that are admitted to compete will be screened on January 2, 2014, in the “videodance marathon” at the Ibercaja cultural center, from 10 AM to 10 PM, without interruptions; admission will be free.

The jury will make a shortlist of the submitted videos to be published in in December 2013

When: The contest final will take place on January 3, 2014, in La Rioja’s “Rafael Azcona” Film House and the Audience Award will be voted there as well.

The closing gala will be held in January 5, 2014, and the winners will be announced in situ and online. 2000 Euros in prizes will be granted.

•Fiver 1st Prize (€ 1500)

•Fiver 2nd Price (€ 500)

•Fiver Audience Award.

•Würth Award.

•Espaço do tempo – Rui Horta Award

More awards will be announced soon.

All prizes are subject to corresponding current fiscal laws.

To apply please fill in the online form that you can download from here:

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