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Open Call: Voluntário - Turquia

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The project environment in which the volunteers realize their voluntary services in the city. This city is one of the leading holiday regions of the country, it is located at the southwestern part of Turkey and affiliated to the city and famous with its night lives and entertainments and, its population is 21.000 in winter months and approximately 450.000 in summer months.

Mousoleum, which is one of the world’s seven wonders and the Castle dating back to13th century take place at the centrum. There are too many historical and touristic areas in the city and its surroundings. The blue journeys that are made to Gökova gulf in which the most beautiful bays of the country take place start from the port. The ferry boat excursions are regularly realized to Greece’s Kos island every day and the trip takes 1 hour.

City’s economical conditions: is a town in which agriculture-based fruits and vegatables are sold very cheaply and it has the cheapest prices in terms of sales prices of textile products when compared to European countries. For examples: t-shirt is 2.50 Euros, one kilogram of apple, pear, grapes or orange is 1 Euro, one chicken doner is 1 Euro, and one Burger king menu is 4 Euros.

The city where many cultures live together, is a sophisticated town that has many cultural and social opportunities. You can have many summer and winter activities like going to the cinema, theaters, concerts, festivals, etc.. The Peninsula ( ranging between 3 and 25 km. in distance from the city center ) has many traditional villages where are worth to see.

Our dance club’s practice hall is in the territory of the district and is composed of a 100 m2 air-conditioned dancing practice hall, an office and men’s and ladies toilets. There are big shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas and Universal Hospital in the distances changing from 100 meters to 500 meters to the practice hall. The rehearsals and dancing lessons for club’s dancing activities are generally realized in this salon in the evenings. The practice hall is on Bodrum-Gümbet minibus route and it is 10 minutes away from the bus terminal locating at the center.

We want to receive volunteers who have some knowledge in dance, love dancing, know to speak English basic level, are open to international dialogue and have desire to learn and respect the cultural differences.

Our privileged target is that the volunteers will come from the institutions organizing cultural activities, universities, dance schools or clubs, associations making folk dance practices.
*The volunteers will have a mentors who knows to speak English from the date on which they come to the city to the date on which they will leave.
Age: 18 until 30 years old

• Our club’s members will get the chance to learn their own countries’ dances from EVS volunteers,
• They will convey their information and experiences to the foreigners living in the city with their articles regarding dance and EVS by taking active charges in the Newspaper of the club published monthly,
• They will make contributions to the club activities by taking charges in club office,
• They will give information to the foreign tourists by taking charges in Association stand that will be set up in the Peninsula, will invite them to the different organizations.
• They will participate to the meetings realized with the association members and they will support our members in learning a different culture.
• First 3 weeks,volunteers will be learning a dance choreography and while they are practising, they will be also shooting short movie about preparations. This short movie might be shown before the performance and it can be good tool for visibility of YiA program and European Commission youth programs.
• Volunteers will visit 9 villages ofthe city and work at stands and do promotion of Dance festival and they will give information about YiA program and EVS program.
• Everyday two volunteers will work in our EVS office and we expect from volunteers to find similar cultural events those are taken place in his/her own city our country and create a contact list of possible future partners for following years.
• During the Dance Festival,there will be approximately 500 participants,dancers from 10 different countries. We expect out volunteers to guide them and care about their possible needs by working in coordination with organizing committee.


Daily program: (for 3 weeks)
08.00-09.00 Breakfast
09.00-12.00 am workshops with a coffee break at 10.30. Volunteers will get to know each other and eachoter’s cultures. They will discuss about topics like different cultures and religions etc.
12.00-13.00 lunch break.
13.30-15.30 Dance lessons. Volunteers will have the chance to learn a little bit of various types of dances including Turkish folk dance.
15.30-16.00 cofee break
16.00-18.00 Teaching and learning time. In this session volunteers will get to know about eachother’s cultures and a lot also about Turkish culture. Volunteers will prepare presentation about their own cultures. Sometimes this session might include walks in the city or visiting some historical places.
18.00-19.00 dinner

Accommodation : Volunteers will share a flat, they will have their own rooms and one social room, shared bathroom and kitchen

Local Transport : Flat is close to office as walking distance for 10 minutes

Meals : We have different options, we might have a deal with a restaurant which serves home made meals and they can eat there or they can also have weekly shopping and cook for themselves

Mentor : We will prove them english speaking mentor who has been mentoring for 3 years

Language Support : Volunteers will be provided language course each week 2 up to 6 hours in each week by a volunteer teacher or language course of the Municipality

CV + carta de motivação em inglês

2(two) high resolution pictures of you,taken during the activities you have participated;


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