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Casting: Anandam Dancetheatre - Canadá

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Canadian Contemporary Performance company Anandam Dancetheatre is seeking collaborators to create a durational choreographic installation for the 2013 City Leaks Urban Arts Festival in Cologne.

We are looking for dancers/physical performers to re investigate the companies Glaciology project that creates a human glacier rolling through the urban landscape of the city. All training’s and techniques welcomed. All ages welcome. Performers will be rolling (literally) as a herd through the streets of Cologne, rain or shine. It is extremely demanding physical and state work exploring density, over population, avalanches, mass graves and tsunamis. Dancers will need to provide their own pedestrian costuming.

Rehearsal language is in English.Dancers will need to be available for the following rehearsals and performance dates:

Sept 10th meeting 7pm- 8:30pm project orientation meeting (location tba)
Sept 11th studio rehearsal 12:30-5:30 (location tba)
Sept 12th 12:30-5:30 on location (tba)
Sept 13th 2-5pm call and performance span (location tba)

This project cannot offer monetary fees to collaborators, but offers Co Authorship/Co Choreographic credit and will provide all artists with photo and video for their portfolios and production credits.

Deadline for application: Sept 11th
Where: Cologne CityLeaks Urban Arts Festival
When: Sept 10-13th

How to apply:Please contact Sabina Perry sabinawperry@gmail.comno audition just a desire to collaborate and enjoy the process.

Contact details:Please contact Sabina Perry
For information on the project and company please see

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